Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Storing Your Exhibition Labels

When exhibiting my work, I would create a label for each painting. At the end of the show, everything would go in a plastic bag in the rush of taking down the exhibit... labels ended-up torn or bent. The next exhibition coming, I would print again the labels because I could not find them.

In an effort to get more organised, I started to stack all the labels together like a pack of cards and secured them with an elastic band. At least I could find the labels, but I also had to go through the whole deck each time to find the correct label.

Then I found out that plastic sleeves sold in office supply stores for business cards work very well for art exhibition labels that are of similar size.

Multiple advantages to this storage method:

  • The plastic sleeves are transparent and it is easy to see the labels without taking them out of the sleeve. You can actually store 2 labels back to back in each slot. It only takes seconds to scan a page and find the label you are looking for when to put the exhibition up.

  • When I take down the exhibition, I just store back the labels in the plastic sleeve in no particular order.

  • These sleeves are sturdy enough to protect the labels: no more bent corners.

  • You can store your plastic sleeves in a ring binder. All you labels are in one place, easy to find, easy to carry around, and the binder provides extra protection for the labels.

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Anonymous said...

How did you make your labels and what materials did you use? I am having a photography exhibit and would like to make my own labels but am not sure hwo to go about it.

Benoit Philippe said...

The way I do for the moment is to use Microsoft Powerpoint to create the labels, then print them on a strong card (easy to find in art shop or card making shops). I find that having a frame helps me to have a neat border. I use blue tack to stick the labels.