Creative Exercises for Artists

Dear artists and creative minded people,

Welcome to the page dedicated to my eBook “Creative Exercises for Artists and Everyone Else”.

This 36 pages free eBook is a collection of 17 practical exercises for artists. I have learnt some of them over the years and designed some to fulfil my own needs. I am a painter, so most of these exercises are visual ones. However, many of them do not require specific artistic skills and are suitable for anyone regardless of their age or level of artistic ability.

These exercises are varied and you probably already own most of the required materials.

You can use them as warm-up before you start a new project or as a way to explore new avenues. I also hope teachers will use these exercises in their classes as they are great fun.

If you cannot see the SlideShare widget above, please go to the Slideshare website to read and download the book in PDF. format.

Technical Note: This eBook is a PDF file. After you downloaded it, you can read it with any computers with Adobe Reader installed. If for some reason it doesn’t work, please send me a quick note.

Copyright: I hold the copyright in this free eBook. You have the right to print it, share it with others or send it by email, as long as you don’t charge for it or modify it. You can also upload a copy of the document to your own site, as long as you include a link back here and don’t change the content.

Fellow bloggers, please link to this page when you mention or display the eBook on your blog. The address is:

You probably wonder why I released this eBook for free… I would rather see more than less creativity in the world and I am sure good things will come out of this. How can you help?
  • Spread the word. If you like this eBook, mention it on your blog; point it out to other bloggers if you think that it could interest their readers; send it to your friends and share it with art teachers. If you use Twitter and Facebook, SlideShare makes it easy to share with others: just click on the icons below the book viewer.

Feel Free to use this icon (just right click on it to copy it) on your blog or webiste if you want to link to this page.

  • Use the book yourself and get creative with your kids. All these exercises are only good if you use them and some of them are child play.
  • Give me some feedback: tell me what you liked and what you didn’t. Were instructions clear? What is your favourite exercise?
  • Share with me your own creative exercises. I would love to hear about your own creative exercises, the ones you practice, the ones you read about. Please leave a comment on the blog or contact me.


Heather P. Z. Isaacson said...

I'm an Artist that lives in Alberta, Canada. I volunteer teaching art at a drop in center for at risk kids. I'm getting ready for starting in the fall classes. I loved the e- book and will develope some lessons for the kids from the suggestions in the e-book "Creative Excercises For Artists". We do have a local gallery and a good library to go to for reference material. I will save the e-mail and coment again on how things went when we have our anual show at the mall in the spring of next year. My only question is how do I print the pages?

Benoit Philippe said...

You can download a PDF version of the eBook from the SlideShare website.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your creative exercises and being so generous to put them in an e-book and share them. I will try some of the ideas. Something I've been doing to be creative is to put some splotches of watercolor paint on a piece of wet water color paper (wet-on-wet). Let it dry. Use a black marker to make it into a picture. I am in a special art class for people with mental illnesses. Doing art work us a lot.

Danièle Cavillon Leclerc said...

merci Benoit de mettre ce livre à disposition; je cherchais des exercices à faire faire à mes stagiaires.... en voila quelque uns de trouver
pastelliste un peu plus qu'amateur j'ai eu le plaisir d'apprécier vos oeuvres sur le net et les conseils que vous donner à vos élèves sur votre blog; je fais quelque chose d'équivalent de mon côté, sur papier actuellemnt et je me propose aussi de le mettre sur un blog .
il se trouve que je vais prochainement à Melksham où mon mari et moi nous sommes fait des amis grâce au jumelage!!!
je suis sur facebook
daniele Cavillon Leclerc
à bientôt
je suis devenue une de vos fidèle lectrice

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this E-book. Though I've always enjoyed art, and desired to have a more creative side, I am only just now attempting to release the inner artist. I look forward to attempting many of your excercises, as well as post this on my blog... help spread the word. Thanks again!

Mrs Kara Lynn

Sandhya Manne said...

Thank you for this Ebook. I am a self taught artist and in a creative block right now....but these exercises will help me find my path.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Creative Book it is awesome!!!!!
Going to show it for my students tomorow, at a primary school.
Best regards from Brazil

Peggi Habets Studio said...

This is a great e-book with fun exercises. I will incorporate a few into my watercolor workshops to help spur more creative design ideas.
Thank you!!

Rottweiler said...