Friday, 11 January 2008

A Big Thank You To Empty Easel Blog

Empty Easel blog just reviewed my work. It is very exciting to read someone else's comments on your paintings.

The article is titled:
Benoit Philippe:Impressionist Watercolor Paintings from the United Kingdom.

The first interesting point is the choice of works from my watercolour portfolio. The three selected paintings would have made my selection too. Here are few comments that I particularly liked:

"Each of Philippe’s watercolor pieces reflect his French Impressionist style—you can see it in the loosely painted foliage and the multi-colored water—and yet there’s some great detail work in many of his paintings too."


"Philippe has the natural eye of an Impressionist, finding beauty in the ordinary things of life and nature, like this sunset behind a row of trees."

I am convinced that you can find "beauty in the ordinary things of life", which I consider one of the privileges of artists. I already discussed this in The Art Of Ordinary.

While you visit the Empty Easel Blog, make sure you go through their excellent articles section.

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