Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Art Material – The Tube Squeezer

What is the tube squeezer?

The tube squeezer (or tube wringer) is a simple tool to squeeze all the paint out of your paint tubes. You just open up the tool, place your half-empty tube between the two rollers, close the squeezer and turn the key. Tube squeezers come in plastic or metal versions.

ShinHam Tube Squeezer

The tube squeezer concentrates paints to keep them soft. Because it lays the walls of the tube flat together, it also reduces risks of breakage.

Another possible application of this tool is as a paper corrugator for craft.

Why bother?

High quality oil paint can be expensive. If you pay £27 for a 40 ml tube of Cerulean Blue, you want to get the last drop of it. The math is easy: if you get only 10% more paint out of the tube, you save £2.7. If you add-up all these little savings along the way, this tool pays for itself.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can get this?

Benoit Philippe said...

I bought this particular model in the US. You may find it online. Try "tube squeezer" and "tube wringer" in Google. You may also find it on eBay.

John said...

I place my tubes down on a large ceramic floor tile and use a 4" wide, paperhanger's seam-roller, to do the job. Works well.

I did buy some special plastic keys, (like the key on a corned-beef can) but they don't work well and they also fatigue quickly and break.