Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Rotonde du Parc Monceau - Final Oil Painting

I started this painting on location in Paris. I then worked again on it in the studio. In fact there is very few I did not touch:
  • I glazed over the sky,

  • Refined the building, getting more body to the colours

  • Corrected the curves of the building

  • added a runner. There were many joggers when I painted this view on site and I thought it would look artificial not to have any figure in a public garden.

  • The bushes on the left side catch the light.

Rotonde du Parc Monceau - Oil on Canvas by Benoit Philippe

Despite the fact that I worked again on the whole painting and made some additions, I think I managed to keep the freshness that you get when you paint on location. This is an advantage of starting a painting on site and finishing it in the studio.

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