Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My best art productivity tool? a daylight lamp

Days are now getting longer, but how do you handle all these long winter evenings or paint when you only have the end of the day available? The answer is simple: get a daylight lamp. The risk, if you paint under normal electric bulbs or tubes, is that your colours won't look the same the next day under natural lighting conditions.

My lamp is a an easel model from the Daylight Company. It is big (not for travel), with a retro look, and does the job perfectly. If you want to save money, you can just buy the bulbs or tube and fit an existing lamp. There is a range of bulbs and tubes available.

It is worth investing in one of these lamps if you have not done so.


Novelty Pens said...

Sometimes a basic lamp is all you need to illuminate creativity.

Starrpoint said...

This can be so important when you work on a painting or drawing across several sessions.

When I was first getting serious about my art, my husband and son, neither of whom really understand the need to create art, got me a drawing table with a full spectrum light. This light can be swiveled to either the drawing board or the easel at its side.

It makes painting during the dark evenings of winter possible in the dungeon.