Friday, 5 March 2010

Free eBook: Creative Exercises for Artists and everyone else

It's here, it's published and it's FREE!

This 36 pages free eBook is a collection of 17 practical exercises for artists. I have learnt some of them over the years and designed some to fulfil my own needs. I am a painter, so most of these exercises are visual ones. However, many of them do not require specific artistic skills and are suitable for anyone regardless of their age or level of artistic ability.

These exercises are varied and you probably already own most of the required materials. You can use them as warm-up before you start a new project or as a way to explore new avenues.

I also hope teachers will use these exercises in their classes as they are great fun.

Go to this page to read it or download your PDF copy now.


Mario said...

Thanks for the book and all the efforts you put in it!!!!

Jim Serrett said...

That is fantastic, so much fun.
I would of loved to of have that when I was teaching. Will definitely link and spread the word.

I would suggest a badge or image icon that we could post on our side bar and make a direct link to.
Maybe a smaller version of the ebook image you have that would read well. Just my feed back on a great effort.

Thanks so much for your hard work and you have all of my support.

Benoit Philippe said...


Excellent suggestion regarding the icon. I created a smaller version of the image with the book cover that I have inserted in the right column of the blog.

Please feel free (you and anyone else)to copy the icon and use it to create a link the eBook page.



Jeanette said...

Thank you Benoit for taking time to produce this. Its wonderful to have this resource available when I teach. I know students will love it.

D said...

Wonderful info.
Thanks so much.

rateyourart said...

What a wonderful resource and great fun to do. I placed a badge on my site.
Thanks for your hard work and sharing your experience.