Friday, 25 April 2008

Working on tones and values with felt pens

While in the US, I bought a set of PITT Artist Brush Pens made by Faber Castell .

This particular set of six pens only contains shades of grey. The shades are:

  • Cold Grey III (#232),

  • Cold Grey IV (#233),

  • Cold Grey V (#235),

  • Warm Grey III (#272),

  • Warm Grey IV (#273),

  • Warm Grey V (#274)

These pens'tips are shaped like brushes and use pigmented India ink that is both acid-free and archival (PH neutral). The ink is also waterproof when dry.

I used them for sketching during the trip to California. I still need to get used to the palette of warm and cool greys to make the most of them and achieve good contrast and light and shade effects. However, I already like the smoothness of the tip and the ease of use of these pens.

They are ideal to work on tones and make quick sketches to establish values.

Two examples of sketches done in California will give you a better idea of their potential. I also used a fine black felt pen of the same brand for the initial drawing.

Carmel’s mission

Waiting at the airport

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