Monday, 7 April 2008

Art: You're in Business

I have exhibited several times in companies in Swindon, the town where I live. As an artist, I appreciate the opportunity to exhibit and I would like to encourage more companies to think about setting-up a gallery space in their buildings.

I am the boss of a company and I am here to make money… Why should I do that?

  • Being part of the community: by allowing local artists to exhibit, the business takes an active part in the community. One possibility is to offer the space in the following order of precedence: employees and their families and friends, local artists and finally local galleries.
  • Fostering employee’s creativity. You can invite your employees and their family to exhibit their works. Why not organize an employee photography competition with a small price? You may be surprised by the creativity of your employees and discover hidden talents. It also boosts morale. Art is rewarding and relaxing and happy employees are more productive employees.

  • Art in the workplace. If you rotate exhibitions every month and every other month, employees can enjoy new art all year round. It also provides free decoration for the office, while giving a chance to an artist to sell his or her work.

  • It’s good for business: the gallery becomes a talking point when you have customers coming to visit you. You are seen as encouraging the Art.

  • Do it for charity: One of the companies I exhibited at was asking artists to donate 10% of their proceeds to a charity. This is another way to be part of the community and to create goodwill at zero cost for the company (once the gallery is set-up).

  • The cost is mainly the initial set-up cost for the hanging system and appropriate lighting. Lights would be on anyway, so there is no additional cost here.

So, why don’t we see more companies embracing art in the workplace by creating a gallery space?

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