Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Parklands road - Oil painting

Parklands road - Oil painting on canvas (60 cm x 30 cm) by Benoit Philippe


J. Kayes said...

Beautiful painting! Beautiful colors! I am relatively new to painting. I have been researching the use of a limited palette--for instance 5 colors. Do you even use one? What is your favorite/most used palette?

Swindon Open Studios said...

That's great, lovely view of the 'old road'

Benoit Philippe said...

To answer the question on limited palette, I use one sometimes (see http://myfrencheasel.blogspot.co.uk/2008/03/using-limited-palette.html and the link at the end of the article).

For this painting, I have used the following colours: Titanium white (W&N); Naples Yellow Substitute (Roberson); Cadmium Yellow Pale (W&N); Transparent Yellow Oxide (Roberson); Cadmium Red (W&N) ; Alizarin Crimson (W&N); Phthalo Blue (W&N) and French Ultramarine (W&N).

I took some pictures and notes while painting. I will try to put together an explanation of my process for this painting.





Top Art Mall said...

Wonderful painting, I always like this kind of painting, looks so warm.