Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My new temporary studio

Here it is: my new temporary studio. We moved house just before Christmas and, until I get a proper studio built in the back garden, I will use the conservatory as a temporary studio.

It's great to have a space where you can leave the work in progress on the easel. It is a little bit cold at the moment and I look forward for the day becoming longer to get more natural light.

As you can see below, my art supply, frames and framed works are stored in there for the moment. I need to hang a few pictures in the house and get the storage organised.

The view into the back garden is nice. However, my table is turned the other way, so I don't get too distracted.

I will need to do some research on building an artist studio and I will share what I can find on the blog.


Carmen said...

Hey Benoit, Congratulations on the move. I would get a space heater for the conservatory if you don't have one already. Hopefully the new "temporary studio" gives you some inspiration. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Benoit Philippe said...

Thank you Carmen. Good to hear from you. Benoit

Cindy Michaud said...

This is lovely...looks like a few challenges ahead, but meanwhile what a nice space (with a heater!)