Tuesday, 17 January 2012

From cards to labels

You received plenty of Christmas and New Year cards from friends and family. Comes the time to take them down. Stop: don't throw them away... they can have a second life as labels.

A few labels from this year production - Abstract and stylized designs work well

I just use two card punches I found in a craft shop. The first one (below) cut out the label.

I then use a second one to punch out the small whole for the thead.

These labels are large and good for presents. But you get the idea and possibilities are only limited by your imagination: smaller labels as price tags, large labels used as "thank you notes", etc.


Carmen said...

Great idea Benoit, I might try that myself. I often wonder what to do with some of the cards I get. That's a perfect solution. Thanks.

Swindon Open Studios said...

Great ideas Benoit. I keep the cards and make very rough old labels, these are delightful.

Elizabeth said...

Good idea! My mom is very crafty - I sent this idea to her. I'm not so crafty but it looks so easy I just might give it a go myself!