Monday, 18 April 2011

“The Rites of Dionysus” by Tim Shaw

This is the last post from my visit to the Eden project (after Eden Project – outside sculptures  and “Seed” scuplture by Peter Randall).

The rites of Dionysus is a group of sculptures installed in the Mediterranean climate dome of the Eden Project.

The Maenads where the god’s follower and they dansed in the vineyard. The sign presenting the installation suggest a reading of these sculpture as a literal representation of the myth but also as a reminder of the tension that exists in “civilesed” societies:

“On one level, “The Rites of Dyonysus” is a faithful translation of the Dionysian myths. On another the work gives shape and form to the powerful forces that lies beneath the everyday appearance of “civilesed” reality, forces that reflect our essence and what we are capable of.”

This work, made between 2000 and 2004 has a great force and even a disturbing violence. The life-size figures add to the realism and the power of this installation. The red earth planted with vine creates and ideal background for it.

Tim Shaw was born in Belfast and is now established in Cornwall. You can see his work on Tim Shaw's website.


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