Thursday, 14 October 2010

My French Easel on Twitter

I am sure you noticed a change in the design of My French Easel blog since your last visit... This is because, after playing with the idea for a long time, I decided to go on Twitter.

Twitter let you change the background with your own picture, so I created five or six different ones and settled for the background below.

After that, I found out by chance that Blogger allows you to do the same and to customise your background, colour scheme, etc.

I also wanted to get some unity with my website that I just redesigned (more on this soon).

If you are a reader of this blog and you are on Twitter, let me know in the comments section... I would love to follow you.


Starrpoint said...

I am a follower of you and I am on twitter, both personally, at

and for my Art gallery:
The Renaissance art Gallery

I would love to have you follow me, as I follow you!

Starrpoint said...

I have to study up on this and try and customize my blog as you did yours!