Friday, 16 April 2010

Taking down an exhibition

My current exhibition at Intel just finished and I went to take it down. I thought I would show you what happens behind the stage.

I am using IKEA bags (I have no share or commercial interest in IKEA – unfortunately). They sell them very cheaply and they are very strong. After I installed the exhibition, I folded the bubble wrap and stored it into the bags, so everything was ready when I had to take down the exhibition.

At the start

All packed - ready to go!

I leave the paintings on the wall until I pack them. This reduces the risk of breakage.

I collect all the labels first. Before filing them (see my previous article on “Storing your exhibition labels”), I will use them to double-check that I have updated my inventory in order to indicate the exhibition information for each painting.

I am wrapping all paintings individually or two by two if they have the same dimensions. In this case, I put the paintings back to back so that the D ring and screws do not damage the frame of the other painting. As the paintings are facing outward, I can find a painting in my storage area without having to unwrap them.

I am using masking tape, available from any hardware store selling household paint, to seal the bubble wrap packing. Masking tape is easy to cut (even with your fingers only) and can be removed without causing too much damage to the bubble wrap. Before, I was using the brown packing tape but you can’t get it off without tearing apart the bubble wrap. This way I can re-use the bubble wrap several times.

Painting wrapped using masking tape

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