Friday, 11 September 2009

A visit at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The museum is well-known for its Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Sir Edward Burne-Jones was a Birmingham-born artist and one of the rooms only contains his works.

Room dedicated to Sir Edward Burne-Jones' works

drawings by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

The Blind Girl (Oil Painting) by John Everett Millais is a fine example of the Pre-Raphaelite paintings. The technique is amazing, almost too perfect. Even the finest details of the houses in the background are there.

The Last of England - Oil Painting by Ford Madox Brown (Click on the photo to enlarge). The painting represents a couple the couple departing for Australia.

The museum has created an excellent
website to promote its permanent Pre-Raphaelite collection.

When we visited the museum, I saw an exhibition of the Perseus Series Edward Burne-Jones (Exhibition from 28th February 2009 until 4th October 2009). The paintings are on loan from Stuttgart's Staatsgalerie. This is the first time that the complete set of eight paintings has been shown in the UK. These paintings were very dark in mood as in colour... quite depressing in fact.

The Perseus Series Edward Burne-Jones

The museum owns a magnificent oil painting by Pissarro titled -
Le Pont Boieldieu à Rouen, Soleil Couchant (The Pont Boieldieu at Sunset).

In 1896, Pissarro went to Rouen and stayed at a hotel overlooking the bridge. Between 8 September and 12
November, he completed 15 canvasses, including this view The Pont Boieldieu at Sunset.

There is also an interesting composition by Guillaumin: Les Environs de Paris (Oil Painting).

Les Environs de Paris (Oil Painting) by Guillaumin

Guillaumin is one of the less known Impressionist painters. He was friend with Camille Pissarro and was only able to become a full time painter after he won 100,000 Francs at the French lottery in 1891. The painting “Les Environs de Paris” was show at the third Impressionist exhibition of 1877.

Madame Renoir sculpted by Auguste Renoir

Portrait of Mademoiselle Marie Fantin-Latour - Oil painting by Henri Fantin-Latour. This portrait of the artist's sister was rejected by the Salon of 1859.

Bronze sculptures of dancers by Degas

Madame X by Modigliani

You can browse or search the entire collection on the museum main website.

Details for the museum

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, B3 3DH
Admission: FREE. Some exhibitions charge an admission fee.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery website

Photographs are permitted (except in a few rooms for copyright reason) provided it is not for commercial purpose and that you sign the appropriate form at the entrance desk.

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The Lady Lever Art Gallery also has an extensive collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

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usetty said...

Sitting in the other side of the world, I know there is the faintest chance of me every going to Birmingham.

Thank u so much for this photo tour of the museum. It is like really being there.

Benoit Philippe said...
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Benoit Philippe said...

You are welcome. One of the great advantages in England (compared to France for instance) is that some museums allow you to take photographs.


Birmingham hotels said...

This is a great review. I've never been in the Birmingham museums but they look great. The pictures are very interesting.