Thursday, 3 September 2009

The diving board

Last week-end, I went to Coate Water Country Park to paint. The first painting I did was blown away by the wind and flipped-over on the grass. Not too much damage to the fresh paint, except for the lower right corner that is smudged with eath. This is the risk of working outdoor. I will show it to you later, once I have reworked the damaged part.

I then did a second painting. The lake is a 56-acre reservoir that was built in the 1820s as a headwater tank for the Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal. I am not sure when the diving board was built, but it is not used anymore.

The diving board - oil on linen canvas (27 cm x 22 cm) by Benoit Philippe

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Rebecca Snow said...

very sweet dappled light.