Sunday, 8 March 2009

Making it to the Big Screen

I never thought my paintings would be one day on a big screen, but this is happening. This is really exciting! It is quite something to have your work up there, on a 35 square metres screen.

I submitted a selection of my paintings to the BBC Big Screen in Swindon and, after a few back and forth, I have now a short film called “Painting Swindon” showing 11 of my paintings on a huge screen in town centre, where many people come to do their shopping.

In case the embedded video does not work, follow the link to the YouTube page where I posted the video Painting Swindon on the BBC Big Screen.

At this stage, I need to give proper credit to two people who played a role in this adventure (the first one not knowing about it). The first person is Alyson Stanfield from, the author of I'd Rather Be in the Studio!: The Artist's No-excuse Guide to Self-promotion (I just received my copy and can’t wait to read it). In her article, 6 principles of no-excuses art marketing, she pointed out:

2. Connections are critical to your success. Ignore meeting new people and maintaining relationships at your peril.


4. If you ignore the latest technology, you’ll quickly fall behind.

The Big Screen falls in the latest technology category. As for the connection, I must thank Mike Pringle, Director of the
Swindon Cultural Partnership, for suggesting to me to submit my works to the BBC Big Screen.

The Big Screen

I wanted to share that with, not only because I am very excited about this, but also because you to should consider submitting your art. Think about this: there are currently 11 Big Screens in the UK and there may be one near you.
Current locations are:

  • Hull, Queen Victoria Square

  • Liverpool Clayton Square

  • Manchester, Exchange Square

  • Leeds, Millennium Square

  • Rotherham All Saints Square

  • Bradford, Centenary Square

  • Derby, The Market Place

  • Swindon, Wharf Green

  • Swansea, Castle Square

  • Walham Forest, Walthamstow Town Square

  • Cardiff, The Hayes

  • Middlesbrough, Centre Square

  • Norwich, Chapelfield Plain

  • Plymouth, Armada Way

In a future post, I will share with you how I did it, so you can get your art on the Big Screen too.

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1 comment:

Jill Berry said...

Congratulations!! It must be awesome to see your work out there on the big screen.
I enjoy your blog with the helpful info. I especially like your oil paintings and plein air work. A few of my favorites - "Old Railway Path", "The Red Lion" and of course "Snowy Umbrella".
On your website you mention glazing in the studio. Do you use a certain medium and transparent paint to make your glazes?
I am a plein air painter in Florida, USA.