Monday, 8 September 2008

Metal Tube Squeezer

Early in the year, I bought a tube squeezer in the US. You can read the post I wrote at the time on the advantage of having one.

It was a plastic model and, unfortunately, it broke after I dropped it.

I just bought a metal one as replacement and I hope to keep and use it for years to come. The amusing fact is that I found this one on eBay; not in the art supply section ... but in the hairdressing material section. Hairdressers use tube squeezer to get the last drop out of coloration tubes.


John Walker said...
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John Walker said...

I have used those plastic, roll-up squeezers (like a sardine-can key), but they break easily.
I settled on a paper-hanger's seam roller, and a large ceramic tile. Just place the tube flat and roll! I do like the look of this roller though and I think I'll speak to my wife's hairdresser about one!

16 Sept