Monday, 18 February 2008

Art DIY and week-end projects

"DIY" or "Do It Yourself" is big in the United Kingdom. I am not sure this acronym is much in use elsewhere. With vacations looming, here is a list of resource to keep you busy:

How to Make a Paintbrush Cleaner Jar by MaryAnn Clear and published on : Learn how to make a paintbrush cleaner jar for your oil painting brushes with a tin and an empty jar.

Easel Clamp For Reference Photos by Jim Robertson on : I like the idea but I am not sure about the aesthetics. I will try to think about another implementation of the same ideas. I give you the link anyway as it should sparkle your own ideas.

Moleskine Reloaded…or, How to Rebind a Moleskine Notebook: Make a Custom DIY Sketchbook! by Martha of Trumpetvine Travels : This is one of the best examples I have seen of instructions to make your own sketchbook… by the book. You will need time and some specialised material, but the finished product looks fantastic.

How to build a palette table by Loretta on : Step by step illustrated instructions on how to build your own palette table. Not an easy 1-week-end job, but the result looks nice and is worth the effort.

How to build a pochade box using a cigar box. The same article also gives instructions to build a Box for Carrying Wet
Panels. I like the fact that the front and back of the box are made of Plexiglas. This way, you can show the painting without getting them out of the box and risking smudging the fresh paint. In addition, your painting is visible to people you pass on your way home. You never know, someone may see and like your painting…

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