Monday, 26 November 2007

Travelling with your pochade box

Cars, trains and boats are not an issue. What about planes?

Couples of years ago, I took my pochade box on a trip to San Francisco. I passed the security without problem (although security officers may be more difficult with the raised security measures - there are for the moment some restrictions on the quantity of liquid you can take in your hand luggage for instance).

The key is to be prepared:
  • Obtain from the manufacturer all the Health & Safety Information. I am using Winsor & Newton paint for my pochade box because all their Health & Safety Information datasheets are posted online and therefore easy to find and print;
  • Do not take flammable product on board of a plane. The Sanodor solvent has low-flammability and can therefore go on a plane. With current security measures, you will have to pack it in your suitcase, well wrapped and protected. Put a print out of the Safety Datasheet with the bottle in case Security opens your suitcase to check it.

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