Sunday, 18 November 2007

“The Art of Travel” Painting Exhibition

November 2007 is a good month. I currently have two exhibitions on. The first one is a solo show titled “The Art of Travel” at Intel Corporation, Pipers Way - Swindon (UK), until the end of the month.

Paintings from different countries

I get to travel to various places and always try to take my pochade box or my watercolour box. This painting exhibition shows places from France, the UK and the USA (in particular San Francisco).

Pulteney Bridge - Bath - Watercolour (10.5” X 15”) by Benoit Philippe

It rained on Dinan - Watercolour (37 cm X 30 cm) by Benoit Philippe

Mid-Day San Francisco - Pastel (37 cm X 30 cm) by Benoit Philippe

The gallery is a nice spacious place with good lighting. Intel's employees and visitors can enjoy a new art exhbition every month.

How to see the exhibition

This exhibition is not open to the general public, but I invite you to take a virtual tour . Feel free to click on the individual pictures in each photograph to see a larger version of the work and get additional information.

I wish you a good journey across countries and continents.

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