Friday, 26 October 2007

Oil painting demonstration - Stage 2

You can review the previous stage in Oil painting demonstration - Stage 1.

I installed the 24” X 20”canvas on the easel and squeezed the following colours on my palette:

  • Titanium White

  • Cadmium Yellow

  • Vermilion Hue

  • Carmine Alizarin

  • Turquoise Blue

  • King's Blue

  • French Ultramarine

  • Blockx Green

Using hog brushes, I quickly went around the canvas with washes of bright colours thinned with Sonodor, so that the paint would dry quickly. My aim was to create a lively tapestry to anchor my colours on. The blue of the water should sparkle on the yellow foreground.

At the same time, the general tone of the painting are put in place: darker areas and lighter ones.

I then started the actual block-in process. I used paint with practically no thinner, apart from the one left on the brush when I clean it between different colours.
For this painting, I had a guest colour: Turquoise blue. The tube bursted and I had to use the colour (this is an example of happy accident).

This was a later stage in the block-in phase. I added darker marls on the top of the buoys and on the rim of the boats. I also applied darker blue tone in the background. The tinted background of the canvas still showed in many places, creating a warm/cool contrast.

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