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The sculptor François Pompon

François Pompon (Bronze) by Henri Martinet (1893 – 1965) - Musée La Piscine

The sculptor François Pompon (9 May 1855 – 6 May 1933) was a French sculptor and animalier. His style is based on very fluid and pure forms.

The White Bear (Marble) by François Pompon – Orsay Museum, Paris [Source: Wikimedia]

"The White Bear" (also known as "Polar Bear in Stride ") is Pompon’s most famous sculpture. The original is located at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris and several reproductions exist, like the one below in the Valencienne museum.

The White Bear (Cast in polished plaster dated 1939) by François Pompon (Fine Arts Museum Valenciennes, France)

The Museum La Piscine in Roubaix holds several sculptures by Pompon, including a small version in plaster of The White Bear and a life-size bronze of a deer.

The White Bear (plaster) – On loan from the Saint-Omer museum

The Big Deer – 1929 (bronze) – Musée La Piscine, on loan from the Orsay Museum

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