Friday, 22 August 2014

St John Baptist & St Helen graveyard - watercolour

I am not usually painting in graveyards and I only did it for a commission. That said, there is nothing sinister about the graveyard of St John Baptist & St Helen church in Wroughton (The village of Wroughton is located 3 miles south of Swindon, England).

St John Baptist & St Helen church graveyard - Watercolour (38 x 30 cm) by Benoit Philippe

The churchyard covers around five acres grass, trees (including some old yew trees with wide branches) and wild areas.

The historic church building contains a few features from the 12th century, was extended in the 14th and 15th centuries, and altered in the 19th century. Around the church are centuries old headstones.

The lower and newest part of the graveyard is located down a planted bank and looks towards a beautiful valley. This is the view I was asked to paint on location.

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