Thursday, 25 April 2013

Paintings in the Louvre-Lens museum

In my previous post, I presented the Louvre-Lens museum and some of the works on display. In this second post, I will concentrate on the paintings.

Portrait of a woman (Oil on panel) by Giovanni Francesco Caroto

This portrait first entered the Louvre collection as a work by Carpaccio. It was later attributed to Costa, Solario and Boltraffio, until the artist’s signature was revealed by an X-ray scan of the painting.

Volterra (Tuscany, Italy) – the Citadel (Oil on canvas) by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

Corot painted this work during his second stay in Italy, in 1834. There is a companion painting in the Louvre collection called Volterra, le municipe.

The Holy Trinity with God the Father supporting Christ (Oil on wood panel) by Colijn de Coter

This painting was in fact the central part of a triptych.

Antonio de Covarrubias y Leiva (1514-1602) – Jurist and Scholar by El Greco

The sitter was canon of Toledo Cathedral and a friend of El Greco.

Melancholy (Oil on canvas, circa 1618-16230 by Domenico Fetti

Mariana Waldstein, Ninth Marchioness of Santa Cruz (Oil on canvas, circa 1797-1800) by Goya

Mariana Waldstein (detail of the background)

The Punished Son (Oil on canvas) by Jean-Baptiste Greuze.

The Punished Son is the pendant to another painting called The Father’s Curse, which also belongs to the collection of the Louvre. It is based on the Biblical story of the prodigal son.

Liberty Leading the People (28 July 1830) (Oil on canvas) by Eugène Delacroix

Magdalene with the Smoking Flame (Oil on canvas) by Georges de la Tour

It is interesting to compare this painting with other Georges de La Tour’s earlier works on the same subject that are in the County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, the Washington National Gallery of Art  and the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Landscape with Paris and Oenone, also called The Ford (Oil on canvas) by Claude Lorrain

This painting was is the collection of Louis XIV (acquired from the duke of Richelieu in 1665)

Anton Fugger, banker and humanist by Hans Maler

Baldassare Castiglione, writer and diplomat – oil on canvas by Raphael

Francis George Hare as a child, known as Master Hare (Oil on canvas) by Sir Joshua Reynolds

Ixion, King of the Lapiths, Deceived by Juno (Oil on canvas) by Rubens

Fanciful figure (Oil on canvas) by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Saint Sebastian (Oil on Wood board) by Perugino

The painting bears a sentence in Latin SAGITTAE. TUAE.INFIXAE. SUNT. MICHI coming from Psalm 37 (For thy arrows are fastened in me).

The Nest, also known as The Shepherd’s Gift (Oil on canvas) by François Boucher

Saint Matthew and the Angel (Oil on canvas) by Rembrandt

Practical information

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99 Rue Paul Bert, 62300 Lens, France
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