Wednesday, 1 February 2012

David Hockney’s interview in The Saturday Times

As David Hockney’s exhibition is on show at the Royal Academy in London (England), Rachel Campbell-Johnston went to spend a day with the artist and interviewed him for the Saturday Times (January 7, 2012 – page 4).

I pencilled a few quotes that are worth sharing.

On inspiration

“Inspiration: she does not visit the lazy.”

On drawing

Drawing is fundamental. Teaching drawing is teaching how to see.”

On depiction and photographs

“I am interested in the problem of depiction. Not every artist is... partly because we’ve got the photograph now. People think that the photograph is everything. But I think if we’re stuck with the photograph it’s going to be very boring. I’m painting landscapes in Yorkshire because you can’t photograph them. The camera can’t get the beauty. It just can’t get the space, the thrilling space that I am in – no, it can’t replace painting at all. If you thought that your camera pictures were good enough, I’m saying, ‘well, it wasn’t good enough, we can make better ones’.”

On cameras

“The camera sees geometrically, but we see psychologically. It sees everything equally, but we don’t; there’s a hierarchy in the things that you see depending on who you are. If you were an alcoholic, you would see the booze first. If you were me, you might notice the ashtray.”

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