Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fabiano’s sharpener for lead

Fabiano is an Italian paper manufacturer and they make a watercolour paper that I like. They also have developed some products for their Fabiano Boutiques. There is one in Munich airport (the only one outside of Italy) that I visit when I have a chance.

Most of the products are as stylish as they are expensive. I bought there a mechanical lead holder pencil  made of coloured wood and metal. It is small enough to carry around and the retractable lead means no messy lead marks in your pocket.

Bird's eye view of the Fabiano sharpener

The base of the sharpener

To go with it, I bought a sharpener for lead. It a beautiful piece of wood shaped like a flat pebble. The design is simple yet practical.

A groove on the top of the sharpener makes a craddle for you pencil when you are not using it.

The sharpener works very well and gives you a sharp point. The only downside of this sharpener is that you need to empty it through the opening. I do that by tapping gently the opening on a tissue paper.

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