Monday, 18 May 2009

Swindon Open Studios 2009

You may have noticed the logo for the Swindon Open Studios 2009 and the side of this blog as well as at the bottom of each page. This is happening in September 12th and 13th and I will take part in one of the venues in Old Town.

I am also part of the small team working on the event. In order to promote it, I contacted various web sites, made the 2 web banners, helped deisgn a poster and also started another blog specially for Swindon Open Studios 2009.

If you are an artist leaving or working in a 10 miles radius of Swindon, make sure you register. The form is on the Swindon Open Studios web site. If you don't have your own studio or do not want to open your house to the public, there will be exhibition spaces available in town centre.

If you can be involved in organising a local event, I really recommend it. I am connecting with local artists and it is a great opportunity for networking. By working on the promotion of the event, I will also learn many things that will be useful for my own promotional activities.

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