Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Looking back at 2008 and a new exhibition starting

It’s good to look back and see what we achieved. It gives you a boost for the New Year. So, in 2008, I managed to:

  • Create 35 paintings (mainly oil and watercolours plus a couples of pastel paintings). Not close to my initial goal of creating on average one painting per week, but still a good number.

  • Read eight books on painting history or painting techniques (I would recommend reading Painting better landscapes by Margaret Kessler) and four books on creativity (I really liked The creative habit by Twyla Tharp for an artist view on creativity and Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques by Michael Mickaldo as a creativity manual). I still have a big pile of art books in English and French to read in 2009…

  • Publish my monthly newsletter as well as my monthly art tip column in Frequency magazine, a local magazine. These articles appeared later on this blog, as well as other articles, making a grand total of 116 blog entries for 2008. I still have many things I want to talk about, but if you would like me to write on particular topics, please leave your suggestions or questions in the "Comments" section. I will do my best to pick these subjects in the months to come.
  • Visit eight art museums or art exhibitions.
I only took part in three exhibitions in 2008 and I want to put more efforts into exhibiting my work this year… which leads me to the next topic.

New exhibition

I have a new exhibition until the end of January 2009 at Stratton Community Leisure Centre, Grange Drive - Stratton St Margaret, Swindon Wiltshire SN2 4JY.

This exhibition features nine paintings in oil and watercolour.

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