Monday, 10 November 2008

Lightfastness matters

On my way to the new library that just opened in town centre, I passed a shop that closed a few months ago. As you will see on the photograph below, the sign on the door telling customers where the shop relocated has now faded and is barely legible.

Does that matter? It does: if the shopkeeper had bothered writing his notice with lightfast felt pen or paint, he would still benefit from free advertising… until the premises are rented again (that can be in some times considering the current economic climate).

Just imagine the effect it would have on your buyers to discover that your paintings or drawings are fading away? Make sure you use artist material with a good lightfast index. Some media, like coloured pencils or felt pens are more likely to fade and it is even more important to double check that the ones you use are lightfast.

The same goes for prints, if you have any made from your original artworks…

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