Monday, 21 July 2008

2 more advantages of toned canvasses

In the article “Using toned canvasses for your oil painting”, I discussed the reasons why you should try toned canvasses for your oil paintings.

Since then, I came-up with two additional ones if you are working plein-air:
  • If you paint outside during the summer, the sun hitting a white canvas makes it very hard on the eyes as the white surface is reflective. Toning your canvas will solve this issue.
  • Another advantage relates to painting in the light. If you are facing the sun, it may go through the fabric of the stretched canvas, which will alter the perception of the colours you are applying. In order to tone my canvasses, I mix acrylic paints into some white gesso to tint it (see the article “Making canvas panels” for an illustration of the process). In effect, I am adding two layers of gesso that make the canvas more opaque and resolve this issue.
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Using toned canvasses for your oil painting

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