Monday, 9 June 2008

Tea Garden (San Francisco) – Watercolour

I painted this watercolour from a reference photograph I took while visiting the Tea garden in San Francisco. I took dozens of photographs. This garden is magnificent, with a great attention to details. It is designed in such a way that you cannot see the whole garden at once. You have to explore, follow the paths, wander and discover new vistas as you go.

Tea Garden (San Francisco)- Watercolour (15.5" x 13") by Benoit Philippe

This garden is a peaceful place. You could stay for hours on a stone bench, listening to the chant of the water and the wind in the plants. A beautiful place… So quiet in the hart of Golden Gate park.

If you are interested in trivia, this is where fortune cookies were invented.

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Lin said...

Ronell -- what a stunning, beautiful, gorgementous piece!!!! And the detailing!!! I think I could live there -- easily!

Benoit Philippe said...


Thank you for your nice comment. I like the floral paintings you create and post on your blog.