Wednesday, 1 August 2007

My French Easel starts here

Welcome to My French Easel blog.

My name is Benoit Philippe. I am a French artist leaving in Wiltshire (UK) and I work with oil, watercolour paints and soft pastels.

You can see my current works on my website where you can also subscribe to my newsletter: "News From My French Easel"

In this blog, I will explore and talk about:
  • My works in different media
  • My painting projects and coming exhibitions
  • Painting techniques for oil painting, watercolour and pastel
  • Art in general
  • Art history
  • Books on art I am reading
  • Good articles found on the web
  • The business side of being an artist
See you soon. Until then, go outside and paint something.

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Chris Houet said...

Super. Vraiement bien !